Public Protector Mkhwebane heads to court over her fitness to hold office: Adv Modidima Mannya

Public Protector Busisiswe Mkhwebane’s fitness to hold office case resumes. On Monday, the Constitutional Court will hear whether the appointment of a judge to the panel is compliant with the separation of powers doctrine. In July, the Western Cape Division of the High Court dismissed Mkhwebane’s bid to have the rules for removing the Public Protector declared unconstitutional Advocate Modidima Mannya joins me now LIVE.

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Start a Fitness Program With These Great Suggestions

An effective program for exercise is entertaining and easy to work into a normal day. Give yourself the best chance of sticking with your exercise program by having an enjoyable routine. Now you can create your own successful exercise program with these great ideas.

Have you ever notices a baby dancing? It is a natural instinct for humans to move when they hear music. When you workout, listening to music can be very fun, and it can motivate you to keep going. Even when you feel yourself getting tired, the music spurs you on to continue dancing, which keeps your body in constant motion.

You can easily become bored when you are working out, but you should find ways to make it fun. Turn your workout into a social event. Build a fitness support group of like-minded people that you can call to join you when working out. Friends can boost your workout routine through adding conversation and fun to the mix. An exercise session with a friend just might be so much fun, that you want it to last even longer than it does!

Exercise video games can be a terrific method for making workouts more enjoyable. Many people who use these games forget they’re exercising at all and simply enjoy their time with the game. Video game workouts make it easier to endure longer workouts and avoid the frustration that standard workouts can cause.

One of the main things that puts someone off working out is the fact that they are doing it ‘in public’. It makes you feel much better when you look good in your exercise clothes. Many different styles and colors for workout clothes exist. Choose workout gear that makes you feel comfortable, but also is a little fun. You will enjoy exercising more if you have clothes that make you feel good.

Make an effort to change the elements of your workout frequently in order to keep your enthusiasm level high. Boredom can do irreparable damage to our motivation. In order to keep exercise interesting, you must vary your routines. It helps keep you motivated, and you have more fun. This is a vital point, because prolonged breaks from working out tend to make restarting far more difficult.

When you reach one of your goals, give yourself a reward. A small reward that you enjoy is a great incentive to keep working out. It doesn’t need to be a big reward. It just needs to be something that makes you happy and keeps you motivated. A great reward is something that you want or enjoy, it could be a new pair of jeans or a night out with the girls.

Exercise can be wonderfully entertaining. You shouldn’t look at it as being miserable, because it doesn’t have to be. Many workout options exist which can make exercise seem like fun. This article contains some useful advice to help you start to develop an enjoyable exercise regime.

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