[KPOP] SOMI (전소미) – 'DUMB DUMB' | Dance Fitness / Dance Workout By Golfy | คลาสเต้นออกกำลังกาย

#somi #dumpdump #Danceworkout
All my choreo are inspired from original choreo and MV .I wish everyone who love to dance like it.
All my video are mirrored and I make all step start by your right side ^^
Please !!! warm up and cool down everytime when you dance.

Thank you so much for all of your support,It means so much to me !!!

Love you all guys ^^

IG : Golfy_kittdanai
I don’t post picture much but very nice to know you guys ^^


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Get in the Best Shape of Your Life By Following These Tips

The two main reasons people don’t reach their fitness goals are lack of commitment and lack of education about diet and exercise. The advice here will help you to enjoy yourself when exercising, which will give you much better results.

Turn your love of heavy rock and head banging into a workout. Exercising to music is the perfect motivator when you need a little kick start. The rhythms in music will make your body want to move. Moving your body feels great, and it is so easy to do, so get moving. Teach yourself to have fun with a work out by adding dance and music to an otherwise boring routine. Listen to the music and let it distract you from your body’s aches and pains.

Bring some friends with you to work out. Make exercise a social event and everyone will have fun! When you have someone to work out with, your exercise routine will seem less lengthy and boring. Friends can help focus your attention on conversation which produces more energetic and prolonged workouts. Adding friends to your exercise routine is really a lot of fun.

Have you ever thought about buying a video game designed to guide your workout? This is a very effective way to make exercising more fun. By participating in the video game, you will not be focused on the exercise you are doing. By doing this, you will be able to increase the length of your workout because tiredness is not a factor.

Looking good helps you feel your best. This allows you to be more comfortable when you hit the gym. Buy a few outfits that make you look, and feel, great. If you choose something that you feel good in, it will give you the motivation to go to the gym.

Monotony is one of the primary reasons people get bored and give up on the fitness plans. It’s a necessity to switch things up. If you normally run on a treadmill, try taking a run instead. You are more likely to stay motivated to keep exercising regularly if you change your routine from time to time.

Be sure to reward yourself when you have met your exercise goal to keep your motivation up. A special gift for yourself will help you stay focused even if it is not very expensive. Choose easily attainable rewards that you really want. By giving yourself small rewards along the way, you will help yourself remain motivated in your quest for optimum fitness.

Although a lot of people are convinced that exercising is difficult, it doesn’t have to be. It can be a lot of fun. By implementing some of the advice found in these tips, you can start to make exercising an enjoyable activity.

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