EP.65 – Fitness Myths and Quotes that seem Legit but are Actually Ridiculous


EP.65 – Fitness Myths and Quotes that appear Legit however are Actually Ridiculous

In this week’s episode, Durham and Jacob discuss a few of the motivational health quotes they’ve come throughout and deconstructed why they aren’t at all times as correct as they appear.

Nietzsche is 100% German.

This is the video from Eric Thomas Jacob used to have the ability to quote phrase for phrase, motivational and galvanizing, however not the neatest solution to go about your coaching:

Sleep shouldn’t be an non-compulsory, it’s obligatory:
Article and Vlog: http://www.coreadvantage.com.au/blog/2016/sleep-deprivation-athlete?rq=sleep
Random Thoughts spherical 1: http://www.coreadvantage.com.au/blog/2017/podcast-11-minutes-ep06-sleep-for-athletes-round-1?rq=sleep
Random Thoughts spherical 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SsTuB7IQP4

Training to failure is a captivating matter, listed here are two of my favorite analysis papers on the subject: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19997025

This paper appears into the results of concurrent endurance and power coaching evaluating the fatigue and efficiency results of coaching to failure or to not failure. When the kayakers educated submaximally (2 or 4 working units) enhancements in power and energy had been considerably better than the athletes who took every set to its failure level.

This research used bar velocity to find out the tip level for every set. Group 1 was solely allowed 20% of a bar velocity decline (~4 reps at an 8RM) whereas the second group was allowed a 40% drop. Group one improved energy and power to a a lot better diploma and skilled considerably decrease fatiguing results than group 2. Group 2 did expertise a better hypertrophy adaptation BUT it was at the price of kind 2 fibres.


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